About Us

Welcome Sedosa! So, are you curious about their story?

I can tell you that it all started on a winter’s night over a dinner reunion party with their high school class. Although a cold evening, the good company and warm coats was enough to keep everyone comfortable. Everybody was talking with everybody switching from time to time to catch up with what was going on with their lives, but two of them didn’t like to switch that much and the conversation kept interesting and kept going.

Maybe, this wasn’t the story that you were curious about… my mistake. In that case we need to go forward a few years.

It all started with an idea. She was always very passionate about hair and skin care and loves to help other people. Because she always looks so perfect with smooth skin and shiny curly hair (you can tell that this is his perspective), often her girlfriends would ask her what her secret was. She kept telling them that there was no secret, just some maintenance and care. But the number one step was to work on hair acceptance and as she always says: “Do whatever you want and own it girl!”. So, now and then she would share a few tips to improve their skin and hair health when they would ask her, and the differences were quite visible.

One day, over dinner, she shared with him the idea: “What if we started to share some skin and hair care tips online?”. He agreed and pointed it out that their medical and pharmaceutical backgrounds would help them be more selective on the articles they would base their knowledge on. As they used to say: “Everybody can say this and that, but can they support it?”. Together they accepted the challenge but refused to be yet another page just sharing some hair and skin care tips… They were focused on becoming a page that shares scientific supported knowledge that has been proved to work, as it also did on her. So, it would be a personal testimonial with scientific support.

At this moment you may be thinking “Ok, but how about the silk products, how did that start?”. So, let’s get into that. This was one thing that they couldn’t just share on their pages, they had to show you and offer you only the best. She knew that using a silk pillowcase, hair bonnet and swapping conventional hair ties for fabric scrunchies were an absolute game changer in her life, helping and restoring her fragile and receding hairline. So, they started searching in pursuit of the best producers and manufacturers of silk until they found what they considered to be the best. From that moment forward they just started their mission and have never stopped ‘til this day. They know that this is a never-ending mission as there will always be someone they can help achieve better hair and skin health but they believe that the more they give the more they get.

They found their purpose and they are committed to go hand-by-hand ‘til the end to help you!