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Hair Loss: Causes And Practical Measures To Prevent It

Hair loss can be a very sensitive subject and some people may be reluctant to talk about it, but don’t ever let yourself think that you are the only one going through it. Unfortunately, this issue is familiar to many women and that’s why it's the subject of one of our very first articles in our blog. Although common to many women, hair loss can be heartbreaking and hurtful to your self-esteem, and that is why we want to provide you with the tools to better deal with it. There are ways to prevent, manage and minimize hair loss. That's our goal here!

But don't forget to always see your medical practitioner for any serious concerns, as by delaying hair loss treatment when trying different remedies may be harmful for your hair loss progression, as most of the cases "natural" remedies and others don't help and only delay your visit to a professional who has the knowledge and tools to better help you.

So to delve into this subject, what are the potential causes of early signs of hair loss?

The most common and easiest mistakes you can correct right away are:

  • Excessive grooming. Grooming and brushing your hair with too much force is very damaging to your hair. You must be especially careful when brushing on wet hair, as your hair is the most fragile when wet. So the correct way to brush your hair is by starting from the knots at the bottom and working your way up, in the most gentle way possible.

Combing my hair starting from the knots in the ends
  • Excessive physical traction from hairstyles or hair accessories. One way to minimize this form of hair shaft damage is by swapping conventional hair ties for silk hair ties (i.e. Sedosa 100% Silk Scrunchies). While doing different hairstyles, they slip better and better prevent breakage to the hair strand. Also, by choosing silk hair ties, hairstyles such as ponytails cause very reduced tension on the hairline throughout the day. Do you normally have a headache at the end of a day with a ponytail? Then this is a crucial step for you.

  • Frequent use of hair irons, hair straighteners and blow drying. We all know that a frequent use of heat styling tools isn't beneficial for our hair. What may happen is damage and breakage to the hair shaft, thus continuously thinning out your hair. Sedosa's Silk Pillowcase or Sedosas' Silk Sleeping Hair Bonnet preserves your hairstyle over night, reducing your style frequency with hot thermal devices. No more curling or straightening your hair all over again in the morning! Can you imagine the health your hair is getting by laying off the heat tools?!

Pillowcase 100% mulberry silk, sleeping bonnet 100% mulberry silk and a pack of skinny scrunchies

As you know, the Sedosa team is composed of hair and skin care enthusiasts with medical and pharmaceutical degrees so you may contact us in any of the various forms we provide you to do so with any skin or hair health concern.

We hope these hair care tips improve your hair health and helps prevent, manage and minimize your hair loss. From a personal experience I believe each and every one of these steps have dramatically changed my hair strength and hairline, and I am very excited to hear from you your feedback.

Sometimes starting with small changes is better than not starting at all.

Start simple and stay Sedosa! 💖

[Reference article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7413455/]

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